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Gender equality and sexual identity is something that one have choice about, and even in this modern world, humans have their own choice and right whether they are going to accept their sexual distinctiveness or not. Though the society are still having difficulty in accepting this natural phenomena, still, everyone, who’s experiencing this situation are fairly entitled of their own sexual preference, feeling towards the same sex and their own preference on how they want to live their life. Bisexual community wasn’t something to be afraid about, in fact is great example of how modernized our world nowadays.

However, while this perception was slowly being accepted by humanity today, there are some section of the society that are still a victim of stereotyped marginalization- the bisexual community. This is the reason why many bisexual are having difficulty to mingle with the crowd and experience the beauty of being in a relationship with the same sexes without the peril of discrimination. It’s also difficult for them to discover dates without the need to go in either straight/gay bars thus trying their luck and being unsure of whomever they were interested about will accept the reality that they are bisexual or will turn away from them.

Easy of Use

Many individuals that are on both sides of the fence (gay/lesbian or bi) are having a hard time to be free from the belief that bisexuality is not a usual norm, thus making a problem for bisexuals who are wishing to date and find an intimate relationship like the other people do in the typical date settings. But thanks to the power of internet, now bisexuals can already enjoy finding a compatible date for them though bisexual dating sites. One of the best bisexual sites offering an enjoyable dating experience is the Citybi. This popular dating site is one best way to meet bisexuals of the same interest, passion, favorites, lifestyle and others, and it is also one of the fastest growing bisexual dating site & social networking site worldwide.


Aside from these, the following are some of the many features that Citybi offers:

  • Efficacy & privacy
    • Unlike the other sites which offer bisexual chat rooms, Citybi offers assurance that you’ll only be chatting with bisexuals in their chat rooms. Therefore, for men looking for men and women looking for women, Citybi is a complete package that is especially made for the bisexual people who are seeking for relationships without the worries of discrimination and inequality.
  • Personalized
    • In City bi, you can customize and set up your very own profile, and also gives you the freedom to browse for other bisexuals locally or even across the globe. You have the choice if how much information are you going to add or place in your profile. You can also upload photos and keep track of your prospect or subject of interest.
  • Offers Convenience
    • The site offers a welcoming environment for bisexuals where they can chat with other bi for fun/flirty relationship, or decide to exchange info and meet local lesbians or gays in their local area or city. With Citybi, searching profiles to look for prospective partners of the same sex- for casual encounter to a long-long term relationship, you can definitely look for the perfect match that you are wishing for. With many members using the site, you will certainly find women or men with the same interest and also looking for similar relationship.
  • Security
    • You can also ensure that Citybi will keep all your important information (such as email address) completely private. It has so many options where you can check the security and privacy of your profile and manage it depending on your own choice.

Editor’s Verdict

If you want to have an excellent bisexual dating experience, Citybi has so many great things to offer. So head over City bi now and sign up.


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