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Founded in 2007, Bisexual Scene is currently one the largest online dating websites on the internet catering to the bisexual as well as the bi curious and then some, packing a lot of excitement and freshness with its member sponsored events and welcoming groups. It is one of those rare dating sites where you would feel as if getting into a relationship is more of a group activity than an individual quest.


  • Free to sign up as standard member
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Registering on the website is free and open to everyone. The online dating website moves away from your conventional dating websites in the sense that you don’t have to limit your preferences to a particular gender or even limit the relationship to a pair. On this website, you are free to choose the type of relationship you want, and are not tied down by any restrictions. The website has, for the most part, standard features, such as the ability to send flirts and winks to get a conversation started. The messaging service is certainly not a standout but is good enough to get things done. The search engine is pretty neat. It does, most of the time, give relevant results. The website also has a forum and blog where you can get more info and even post topic or questions.


The privacy on the site is average with there being the standard features available. A member can get to know who “favorite” them or viewed their profile. One can also add personal photos and customized the setting to allow certain people to access the picture and add others to their block list. But for some, the level of privacy can be a little too low as there is on option of removing one’s profile from the public search list or limit the people who can search for you.

Easy of Use

Registration takes less than 5 minutes. On average, one can hook up with a partner within a span of a few days .The interface is relatively easy to navigate, boosting a sleek and clean design. However, for some, the site might be a little too much especially for the less open-minded as quite a few members on this site have fetishes widely apart from what is considered the social norm. But it should be noted the community of the site is caring and are generous at lending a hand if one asks for it, allowing you to quickly adjust to the experience.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    • The site hosts plenty of member sponsored events that manages to keep things fresh and fun. The community is quite caring and open-minded, and any members that are toxic or troublesome are swiftly weeded out. This site does not tolerate any form of hate. The site can be great for those who fancy getting in company of people like him or her. A free account on the website offer a lot more features than other similar sites.
  • Cons
    • Some of the members have really weird fantasies and fetishes which might put off some people. The community can also be bothersome for people with a not so open mind and even prevent them from effectively using the site.

Editor’s Verdict

If you are into having a relationship with a charming person irrespective of the gender and also want to keep the relationship short and fun or even create a long-term relationship, but more importantly have an open mind and do not have the habit of getting uneasy about what other people do, might turn out to be the right dating website for you.


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