6 Things Women Need to Know about Dating a Bisexual Man

dating a bisexual manImagine dating a guy only to find out later that he is bisexual. What do you do? Do you decide to shut down the relationship and move on? But what if you really like him? It’s hard to find a nice person in today’s world, so would it really be worth eliminating any chance of potential happiness? Being in a relationship with a bisexual guy might be complicated, but it’s solely dependent on the individual. Many people wrongly assume that bisexuals are hyper sexual and are prone to infidelity because of their sexual orientation. However, it’s nothing but a misconception. Just like anyone else the morality is based on the individual and not any sexual orientation.

The above is just one predicament you might find yourselves in. Another situation you might find yourself in, is questioning the validity of a relationship with a bisexual guy whom you already know. Maybe you are from a traditional background and find the idea interesting but you need more guidance before taking the plunge? There are many such ways in which you may find yourself questioning your desire of dating a bisexual guy.It’s completely natural to feel doubtful, but in such moments it’s always wise to open up yourself to understanding the very thing that gives you pause.

If you find the guy in your life a wonderful companion, but have doubts regarding the longevity of your relationship, then there are some things you need to know.

1) Understanding Bisexuality

It might be fun to date a bisexual guy just to spice up your life, but if you are looking for a long lasting relationship you need to truly understand bisexuality and its many nuances. Don’t read up on other people’s opinion; instead, ask him to share his perspective and experience. No matter how reputable a website might be don’t expect to read only the truth. Popular sites are always filled with half-truths and volatile opinions which really don’t help you at all. There are of course genuine sites to get good information too, but those are pretty rare. On the other hand, if you suspect your boyfriend of being a bisexual open up to him and encourage him to speak frankly. The building block of any great relationship begins with understanding.

2) Infidelity and Bisexuality

One of the worst stereotypes about bisexual people is that they are very prone to cheating. This stereotype began from nothing but pure ignorance. People who understood nothing about bisexuality assumed that because they are sexually attracted to both men and women, they are always on the lookout for someone new to sleep with. The truth is; bisexual people think and feel just like everyone else. While there will of course be immoral bisexual people with loose values, never take it for granted, especially when it comes to someone close to you. Infidelity is based on the character of the individual and not their sexual orientation. If your partner is giving you excuses and telling you that he needs to sleep with other people, dump him.

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3) Difference between Bi and Try sexual

There is a big difference between a bisexual individual and a try sexual person. A bisexual person is attracted to both men and women both romantically and sexually, whereas a try sexual individual is more interested in sex than potential emotional bonding. The latter is someone who loves experimenting in sex and extremely open to trying new things. For them having sex with their own gender and others is more of a sexual kink than a sexual orientation.

4) Stay or Leave

Being a bisexual in today’s world is no easy task with the majority of the world not even believing in their sexual orientation. Being in a relationship with a bisexual person can get complicated due to the very nature of their sexual orientation. This is not to say that every relationship with every bisexual person will be difficult. It will always ultimately be based on the character and commitment of the individual, but there is also the chance of complications. If you feel that you are not ready to commit, be frank and walk away from the relationship. It’s better to walk away and move forward, rather than being unsure and living an unhappy life. Always keep in mind that in a bad relationship, both parties suffer.

5) Accepting and Indulging Him

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This advice is only for those who are ready mentally and physically to enter a whole new sexual world. If you are curious about the lifestyle of the bisexual and are interested in new experiences, you could ask your partner if he wants to have a threesome. You could suggest the gender of the third person based on your level of personal comfort. This would not only be a whole new experience for you, but it will also give you a better understanding of your partner. You will get to know all his kinks, likes and needs at a more personal level. You could also try having a threesome with a stranger, if you only want to do it once. There are plenty of open minded people out there on thea threesome dating app. You could just fish for a possible third partner there and do the necessary screening before inviting them into your relationship.

6) Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Dating a bisexual man will be very different than the experience you get from dating a straight man. It will open up a whole new world for you with interesting and unique people. Hearing their experiences and what turns them on might get a bit overwhelming sometimes and you will find it difficult to cope with all these changes, unless you are comfortable and secure about yourself. Bisexuality isn’t anything special or unique. Bisexual people are just like everyone else with their own dreams, hopes, obstacles and fears. By being more in tune with yourself and your identity as an individual, you will be able to always be there for him and his world.